Clinical and Bioanalytical Sample Preparation

    Whether its vitamins, steroids & hormones or drug panels that you need to analyse, we can help you.

    Sample preparation to remove matrix components such as proteins, phospholipids and salts from your biological fluid samples can improve analyte sensitivity, method robustness and improve the quality of analytical data, as well as reducing instrument downtime.

    Discover Biotage smart sample preparation solutions and find lots of useful resources for clinical applications in the sections below.

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    Highlighted Application Areas

    Robust, optimized methods for low level analysis in plasma and urine.

    Fat soluble or water soluble vitamins: robust methods for individual vitamins or multianalyte panels.

    Reliable, easily automated methods that deliver clean extracts for analysis at clinically relevant concentrations.

    Optimized methods and tools to simplify sample preparation for large multianalyte panels.

    Simple, robust methods for a range of therapeutic drugs.

    Download the most used clinical sample preparation applications from Biotage in one unique document: the Clinical Compendium.


    This compendium highlights a selection of clinical sample preparation applications from Biotage.

    The pressure is always there to deliver accurate, reliable data, consistently and, if possible, at lower cost.  Sample preparation is critical for  success.

    Faster turnaround times and the need to reduce costs, and suddenly sample preparation isn’t quite so straightforward.

    One Size Does Not Fit All: Considerations for Minimizing Matrix Effects and Maximising Recovery for Clinical Panels Large and Small.