Glutathione PhyTip® Columns

    Automated Purification of GST-Tagged Proteins

    Glutathione PhyTip columns are used for automated purification of GST-tagged antibodies and other recombinant proteins. The affinity resin used in these columns demonstrate high binding affinity and capacity for affinity purification of functional, recombinant GST-tagged proteins. The GST-tag (glutathione S-transferase) is a small (26 kDa) protein that is known to improve the solubility of the expressed recombinant protein.

    Our Glutathione PhyTip columns comes with validated DFC protocols for purification of GST-tagged proteins that can be transferred to any automated liquid handling system. Our buffer kits contain all the buffers is needed for the purification protocol. Note that the proper use of Glutathione PhyTip columns require slow flow rates of 0.06 mL/min.

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