At Biotage Sustainability is in the forefront of our work. Our tagline “HumanKind Unlimited” underscores our ambition to strive towards improving global health. Whilst we focus on the development of our products, we also monitor our own waste materials and emissions and how they affect our environment.
    We support our customers involved in water, food and soil testing through simplified environmental analysis and green chemistry solutions.
    From a social perspective, we focus on our employee’s job satisfaction, their working environment and ensuring we offer rewarding terms and conditions.
    On an international perspective, we support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and through our Code of Conduct ensure our interactions with stakeholders adhere to its principles. We fully support efforts against corruption and enhancing local societies through tax contributions, diversity, work opportunities, fair competition, consumer protection and product safety. Globally, we are a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, which encourages businesses to embrace sustainability and social responsibility. In our Code of Conduct, you can find out more about this Compact and how Biotage contributes to international conventions and guidelines as signatories. The links below give you more information about our global Sustainability goals.