Gel Filtration PhyTip® Columns

    Automated High Throughput Desalting and Buffer Exchange

    Gel filtration PhyTip columns packed with size exclusion chromatography resin are ideal for desalting protein samples and for buffer exchange. Desalting by Gel Filtration PhyTip columns can be set up as a secondary purification step after affinity purification by affinity PhyTip columns in the same automated protocol, for example for imidazole removal after IMAC affinity purification.

    Just like other PhyTip columns, the resin is packed between two inert screens that maintain the resin bed at the base of the column. However, unlike other PhyTip columns, gel filtration columns are top loaded with sample; gravity flow pulls the sample through the gel. Gel filtration PhyTip columns are available with both 5K and 30K size exclusion resin that retain small molecules while molecules over 5 kDa and 30 kDa, respectively, passes through the column.

    PDR 91-20-17k

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