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    Guide to Environmental Applications Using Biotage® Extrahera™ HV-5000

    This user guide contains methodologies for processing environmental samples using Biotage® Extrahera™ HV-5000.

    There are very few techniques that can reliably analyze raw samples. Components in the sample matrix frequently interfere with analysis and mask analytes, especially in chromatographic analyses. The solution is to perform sample preparation that can bring significant benefits to the analytical laboratory:

    » More accurate results
    » Improved Quality Control charts
    » Lower detection limits
    » Less instrument downtime
    » Fewer reruns 
    Typical workflows in the environmental laboratory depend on the sample type.

    Sample Pre-Treatment

    For liquid samples, pre-treatment might include filtration to remove particulates or pH adjustment prior to extraction by liquid-liquid extraction or solid phase extraction (SPE).
    For solid samples such as soil, analytes must be extracted into a solvent that is suitable for the chosen analysis. Efficient extraction relies on good sample-solvent interaction, which means that the sample might need to be homogenized (or ground up finely) before extraction. Biotage® Lysera is a bead mill homogenizer used to process solid or semi-solid samples before extraction. Homogenized samples are then often extracted using a suitable organic solvent.

    Solid Phase Extraction Consumables for Automated Extract Clean-up


    Once extracted into a suitable solvent, further clean-up is often required. High-quality SPE consumables in a range of formats facilitate automated clean-up processes. This guide focuses on post-extraction clean-up techniques using ISOLUTE ®  SPE products.

    Benefits of Automated Sample Preparation

    Biotage® Extrahera™ automated sample preparation systems can handle a range of sample volumes and SPE column sizes ideal for SPE-based sample clean-up. Automation of the clean-up process brings.
    » Improved throughput and efficiency
    » Improved data and error reduction
    » Reduced cost per sample 


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