Organic chemists synthesizing new molecules follow a general workflow with Synthesis, Purification, Work-Up and Evaporation steps. Biotage has developed tools for every step of the process to expand the range of options and in order to truly accelerate discoveries of new molecules for future innovations.

    The peptide synthesis workflow involves synthesis, purification and evaporation steps.  Biotage has developed a range of tools to increase speed and efficiency of all steps of the peptide synthesis workflow, while improving the quality of peptides synthesized.

    The industry standard purification platform: Biotage(R) Flash 75/150/400 and Isolera LS systems are built to last.  With robustness and safety in mind, these systems need minimal maintenance and significantly reduce plant time.

    Biotage have developed a range of consumables and systems for the chromatographic purification of proteins by the novel technique of dual flow chromatography, giving enhanced separations for optimum sample purity.

    Automated purification of transfection-grade, supercoiled plasmid DNA by our unique PhyTip® column technology.

    Biotage supported reagents and scavengers are based on functionalized polystyrene or silica polymers. They are inert, specifically-reactive and clean additives deployed to achieve a specific goal.