Environmental Focus

    Biotage environmental goals cover the whole company, from new product development to manufacturing, ensuring sustainability lies at the heart of each decision and that full consideration is given to how that product affects the environment. The product life cycle of each product is also an important aspect, as it affects how much waste and emissions are generated over time. By offering product upgrades, we increase the lifetime of a product and hence reduce lifetime wastage. We also constantly looking at reducing waste in our manufacturing processes alongside reducing the use of environmentally hazardous substances. Similarly, we constantly strive to increase our efficient use of both water and electricity whilst recycling as much as possible - from our manufacturing sites and office locations around the globe. We also cooperate in Life Science networks within the community, where we contribute and support others to find new solutions to reduce our joint environmental impact. Our ambition is to contribute to a more sustainable future and society through both our own internal operations and by developing new products that improve global health.

    Hands and Earth. Symbol of environmental protection

    Environmental goals at Biotage

    • Reduce the amount of waste generated in manufacturing.
    • Reduce the use of environmentally hazardous substances.
    • Increase manufacturing efficiency when it comes to the use of water and electricity by 25 %.
    • Minimum 50 % of non-hazardous waste recycled.
    • Material aspects in our products and our production – compliance with RoHs and Reach.
    • Reduce the impact from business travelling by thoroughly reviewing each trip and assess the greenest alternative.


    These goals are monitored through both internal audits, within the scope of our environmental system, and operational reports such as waste and energy contracts.