Ethics Focus

    Biotage has a Supplier Performance management system that monitors, inspects and engages with suppliers to ensure that they comply with our Code of Conduct. Our supplier contracts stipulate requirements for worker rights (the rights to associate), health and safety, anti-discrimination, diversity and the environment. Suppliers who breach our Code of Conduct are held accountable and we assess our response on any violation against the seriousness of the infringement. We have identified high-risk activities related to purchasing and switch supplier should the existing supplier not be able to verify that they meet our Code of Conduct. Annual risk assessments of corporate activities create awareness of possible risks when purchasing or contracting with suppliers - we identify any need for external assistance and the different measures that can be adopted should a supplier not comply with our policy on human rights. Each year we conduct a number of audits with our supplier chain.

    With reference to business ethics, we have processes and procedures in place to identify high-risk business and potential risks with respect to bribes, facilitation payments, gifts, compensation, and personal favors etc. carried out or offered to third parties. We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding corruption, gifts, compensation, influence and personal favors – these may only be offered if of insignificant value and consistent with prevailing practices. We are aware that corruption occurs in many different forms and have routines and procedures in place for all our subsidiaries with clear rules related to authorization of payment approval and the jurisdictions connected to this to minimize risk. We work actively to create an open and transparent culture where you should feel comfortable to report any improprieties to your manager, your managers manager, HR or the Executive team. However, in order to facilitate reporting of any improprieties and/or risks connected to business ethics and the UN guiding principles we also have a whistleblowing hotline in place where employees, customers and other business partners are enabled to report safely without the risk of reprisal. You send your report to The receivers of this report, through e-mail, consist of the Chairman of the Board, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Chief Human Resources & Sustainability Officer (CHRSO). Should you wish to stay anonymous you can send your report incl supporting material to: CHRSO/CEO or Chariman of The Board, Biotage Sweden AB, Box 8, 751 03 UPPSALA, Sweden. Part of our ethical focus is on data security and integrity. During 2021, several initiatives related to this area were started and will continue during 2022.

    We analyze environmental, social and ethical risks from various perspectives – our stakeholders can read more about this in our sustainability update that is part of the annual report.

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    Ethics goals at Biotage

    • An updated Code of Conduct with clear mirroring of how we follow UN Guiding Principles.
    • Training for all current employees on the revised Code of Conduct and as part of our on-boarding process.
    • Focus on data security and integrity by implementing relevant systems and measures for follow-up.
    • Ensuring the planned supplier audits are performed at our key suppliers.
    • Improve communication related to ESG.

    These goals are monitored through internal audits and overseen by the Executive Management Team, and through the follow-up of identified risks and relevant reports.