Acrylamide Analysis

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    Still life of fresh roasted coffee beans with a white mug on a black slate surface

    Acrylamide in Coffee

    The method described in this application note achieves high recoveries of acrylamide in coffee. The method is sensitive enough to measure levels as low as 1 ng/mL in coffee (solution), 25 ppb in ground coffee (solid) or 125 ppb in instant coffee (solid, traditional or decaffeinated) and gives good selectivity from what is a challenging matrix.


    Texture of homemade potato chips

    Acrylamide in Crisps/Potato Chips

    The method described in this application note achieves high recoveries of acrylamide in fried potato chips (crisps). The method is sensitive enough to measure levels as low as 10 ppb in a popular brand and flavor and has also been  tested in flavored varieties that were both machine and hand fried.


    arrangement of different breads at the bakery

    Acrylamide in Cooked Food

    This method describes the clean-up of acrylamide from cooked foodstuffs, using a multimode retention mechanism (hydrophobic, cation and anion exchange) for retention of interfering food components. The analytical technique is LC-MS/MS.



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