Veterinary Drug Analysis

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    Worried group of chickens.

    Aminoglycoside Antibiotics in Chicken

    Efficient clean up to minimize matrix effects is important when measuring aminoglycoside antibiotic residues in complex samples such as chicken meat by LC-MS/MS.  This application note describes a simple SPE method to clean up the samples delivering sensitive, precise results.


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    Growth Promoters in Animal Urine

    Efficiently extract a range of growth promoters - steroids, resorcylic acid lactones and stilbenes - from animal (bovine, porcine, ovine and equine) urine samples with LOQ <0.4 ng/mL. Methods optimized for low or high throughput requirements are detailed.



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    BIOMARK002.172 - Steroid Evolute WCX image

    Eliminate conditioning and equilibration with EVOLUTE® EXPRESS load-wash-elute SPE. Robust, reliable SPE, giving ultra-pure extracts and high recoveries. Specifically developed for quantification by LC-MS/MS.


    Simple 'pass-thru' clean-up for animal urine samples. Streamline your workflow to remove  matrix components in urine samples, reducing matrix effects in LC-MS/MS.

    BIOMARK002.173 - Vitamin test Evo Express ABN
    SPE products

    SPE columns, 96-well plates and disks: Polymeric, Non-polar, Polar, Ion exchange, Mixed-mode, Speciality media.


    PPM Manifolds
    Positive Pressure Processing

    Consistent, uniform flow of positive pressure to move both low and high viscosity liquids through plates and columns.


    Powerful, user friendly automation system for Supported Liquid Extraction (SLE), Solid Phase Extraction (SPE), Phospholipid Depletion (PLD) and Protein Precipitation (PPT) based methods, in plate or column formats.

    TurboVap LV
    TurboVap® LV

    Evaporation of up to 48 samples with independent control of flow in each row. 


    Sensitive and Fast Measurement of  Aminoglycoside Antibiotics in Milk, Meat or Eggs by HILIC-MS/MS and Identification using MRM Spectrum Mode.

    The versatility of SPE allows it to be used for a variety of purposes.

    Faster turnaround times and the need to reduce costs, and suddenly sample preparation isn’t quite so straightforward.

    Make your life easier. Simplify your workflow

    Automated sample preparation reduces errors, improves method robustness and frees up laboratory personnel for other tasks.

    Biotage evaporation systems offer fast evaporation and minimize sample handling.

    Discover the full range of sample preparation products from Biotage.