isolute_eph SPE column


    SPE Columns

    Reliably fractionate aliphatics from aromatics in soil extracts, for GC-FID or GC-MS analysis.

    ISOLUTE® EPH columns are designed to fractionate pentane or hexane based soil extracts into aliphatic (C8-C40) and aromatic (C10-C22) fractions, using a simple, easily automated procedure. The common problem of breakthrough of aromatic compounds into the aliphatic fraction is eliminated.

    The approach is based on procedures published by MADEP (Massachusetts Dept of Environmental Protection) and the TPH Criteria Working Group.

    Columns and optimised methodology for both manual and automated procedures are available.  The automated procedure provides reliable, high throughput fractionation with substantial reductions in  solvent consumption and costs, and can eliminate the need to evaporate fractions prior to analysis.

    ISOLUTE® EPH columns consist of a proprietary blend of silica and alumina that has been optimised to achieve clean, robust fractionation of the aliphatic/aromatic EPH components.  

    Product purity, compatible with non-selective GC-FID analysis, is ensured by QC testing.  The absence of naphthalene in the aliphatic fraction is one of the QC parameters used to control the activity of ISOLUTE® EPH products.

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