ISOLUTE Layered SPE column 935-0040-c-1

    ISOLUTE® Layered SPE Columns

    For Extracting Multiple Analyte Suites

    ISOLUTE® Layered SPE columns are designed for efficient extraction of multi-analyte suites. Layers of different SPE sorbents are contained in a single SPE column, enabling a broader range of analytes to be extracted than with a single sorbent.

    • Extract multiple suites with a single column
    • Improve productivity
    • Reduce costs

    This innovative SPE technique is used in applications where analytes with a broad polarity range are to be extracted simultaneously from a single water sample, such as organochlorine, triazine and organophosphate pesticides, or endocrine disrupters. 

    Samples containing multiple analyte suites of very different chemical characteristics can be efficiently extracted using layered columns. This means that a single sample can be collected and extracted in order to determine multiple analyte suites, whereas separate samples would be needed if more than one extraction column was required. The layered column approach can significantly reduce costs and improve productivity.

    Depending on the polarity range of analytes to be extracted, columns with different layers are available.

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