ISOLUTE Myco SPE columns 150-0006-BGa


    Solid Phase Extraction Columns for Mycotoxin Analysis

    ISOLUTE® Myco SPE columns offer simple and efficient multiple mycotoxin sample preparation from a wide range of matrices, ideally suited for selective and fast LC-MS/MS analysis. ISOLUTE Myco SPE columns contain a novel polymer-based sorbent designed specifically to be selective enough to isolate a wide variety of different mycotoxins. One product with multiple applications, simplifying and streamlining your mycotoxin analysis procedures.

    • Each method confidently meets the maximum residue limits (MRL) set down by EU and US regulations in terms of detection limits, %RSD and recoveries, in most cases far exceeding these requirements.
    • ISOLUTE® Myco clean up methods are quick, simple to use and require no offline steps; making the technique suitable for automation, especially useful for high throughput testing laboratories.
    • Unlike immunoaffinity columns, ISOLUTE® Myco columns are cost effective, easy to use and have no special storage requirements.

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