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    ISOLUTE PE-AX SPE columns 503-0100-CGa


    SPE Columns

    ISOLUTE® PE-AX is a strong anion exchange sorbent used to extract acidic analytes from aqueous samples.

    ISOLUTE® PE-AX is a quaternary amine bonded sorbent used for the extraction of acidic compounds from aqueous (or partially aqueous) samples. It keeps a permanent positive charge across the pH range.  Analytes are eluted from ISOLUTE PE-AX  by eliminating the charge on the analyte (low pH), so this sorbent is not suitable for extraction of strong acids. ISOLUTE PE-AX is supplied with an acetate counter ion for more efficient extraction of acidic analytes including those with highly polar/water soluble characteristics.

    ISOLUTE PE-AX is available in a wide range of SPE column formats.

    ISOLUTE PE-AX is also available as loose sorbent (100g pack).

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