ISOLUTE SCX-2 SPE columns 532-1000-Fa


    SPE Columns and Well Plates

    ISOLUTE® SCX-2 is a strong cation exchange sorbent with minimal non-polar character, used to extract basic analytes from aqueous samples.

    ISOLUTE® SCX-2 is a propylsulfonic acid bonded sorbent used for the extraction of basic compounds from aqueous (or partially aqueous) samples using a strong cation exchange retention mechanism. It keeps a permanent negative charge across the pH range.  Analytes are eluted from ISOLUTE SCX-2 by eliminating the charge on the analyte (high pH), so this sorbent is not suitable for extraction of strong bases.  The sorbent is supplied in the protonated form.  

    ISOLUTE SCX-2 is the sorbent of choice when strong cation exchange is the primary retention mechanism, or if aqueous conditions are required for analyte elution.  For methods listing PRS as the SPE sorbent, ISOLUTE SCX-2 is a direct replacement.

    ISOLUTE SCX-2 is available in a wide range of SPE columns and 96-well plate formats.

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