ISOLUTE® Sodium Sulfate Drying Cartridge

    In-line drying of SPE elution solvents

    Dry organic solvents with this easy to use format. Stack under SPE columns during elution for efficient, in-line solvent drying.

    ISOLUTE® Drying Cartridges enable water immiscible SPE elution solvents to be dried prior to analyte analysis. The male/female Luer end-fittings allow the cartridge to be connected directly to the outlet of an SPE column during elution, eliminating the need for off-line drying.

    ISOLUTE® Drying Cartridges are packed with 2.5 g of high purity (ACS Grade) sodium sulfate, and the cartridges and components are subject to the same stringent quality criteria as our SPE products, ensuring no extract contamination.

    • Male/female end fittings fit any Luer tipped SPE column or syringe
    • Stack multiple cartridges for additional water removal capacity
    • High purity material and components, ensuring no extract contamination

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