Plate Evaporators

    Fast Evaporation of well plates

    Evaporation is an integral part of high throughput sample preparation methods. Maintaining the advantage of microplate sample preparation formats requires a sample concentrator system that can evaporate solvents directly from microplate wells.

    Filtration Plate

    TurboVap® 96 Dual

    TurboVap® 96 Dual is a product for solvent evaporation designed for well plates that builds on the solid foundations of the historic TurboVap product line and incorporates many new customer driven features. Featuring highly efficient patented gas vortex shearing technology, synonymous with the TurboVap brand. 

    Featuring two independent evaporation channels with top and bottom heating, adaptable nozzle configurations. TurboVap® 96 Dual comes ready with support for 96 well plates, and can of course be adapted to your workflow to run 24 or 48 positions.

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    Biotage® SPE Dry 96

    Designed for high throughput laboratories, the Biotage® SPE Dry 96 and Biotage® SPE Dry 96 Dual Sample Concentrator Systems provide efficient solvent evaporation in microplate format and are compatible with 24-, 96- and 384-well collection plates. Heated gas flow from above and below the collection plate ensures efficient solvent evaporation.

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