Advanced Polymeric SPE for Acidic Analytes

    EVOLUTE® EXPRESS AX combines non-polar and strong anion exchange functionality for extraction of acidic analytes from biological fluids and other aqueous samples through a dual, mixed-mode mechanism.

    This provides additional selectivity and clean-up for complex samples, with salts, phospholipids and proteins eliminated from extracts.     

    Available in a variety of formats, including  96-well plates and SPE columns, and two different particle sizes (30 µm and 50 µm) depending on application requirements.

    The sorbent consists of the EVOLUTE® backbone, surface modified with quaternary amine  groups. Sorbent performance is not compromised by drying during processing.

    • High, reproducible recoveries for acidic analytes
    • Eliminate salts, phospholipids and proteins from biofluid extracts, and minimise ion suppression
    • Fast simple generic methodology
    • Available in EVOLUTE® EXPRESS SPE columns and plates for fast  Load-Wash-Elute procedures

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