Scaling Up Chemical Processes and Purification

    Our carefully selected portfolio of scale-up products have a proven track record.  From robust day-to-day work-horse methods to bespoke scale-up campaigns, we are here to serve. Through innovative, robust, reliable tools such as flash purification platforms, novel stationary phases, powerful metal scavengers or polymer bound catalysts and reagents, we support discovery, development and manufacturing of customer pharmaceutical and biotechnology products, from pre-clinical, phase I, II and III to small scale commercial operations.

    Biotage supported reagents and scavengers are based on functionalized polystyrene or silica polymers. They are inert, specifically-reactive and clean additives deployed to achieve a specific goal.

    The original pre-packed plug and play flash cartridges invented by Biotage deliver world class purification and ease of use. They provide a reliable scale-up path from lab into process.

    Transition metal catalysts are powerful green chemistry reagents but may themselves be difficult to remove after reactions. Metal scavengers are a class of adsorbent that have been designed to specifically the metals, leaving the rest of the system untouched.

    Supported scavengers are functionalized polymers that are designed to react with and bind excess reagents and by- products, enabling purification by simple filtration.

    Biotage supported reagents are inert polymers that are stable, specficially functionalized and easy to remove afterwards.  They can effeciently deliver target chemistry to a reaction system.