Social Focus

    The Code of Conduct defines our obligations towards our stakeholders and the ways in which we act as a responsible employer. We strive to maintain and follow-up on these principles through our management system. Our Social Focus is governed by a set of global company policies, supported by local national policies as needed. These policies define our procedural routines, responsibilities for follow-up and a reporting structure in case of any improprieties.

    We also follow-up on employee engagement and maintaining health and safety through engagement surveys, specific polls when relevant and compliance with EHS policies, procedures, processes and systems. We strive to have an open and transparent culture, where you can bring up questions regarding improper actions. This is also described in our Whistleblowing policy, where you find the different options for raising concerns and reporting any suspected irregularities. The Code of Conduct covers environmental, societal and ethical perspectives. In the social perspective, we focus on human rights, equal opportunities, anti-discrimination, freedom of association, abolition of child labor and the ending of forced labor. We also have a policy to reduce the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking within our business and supply chains. We have procedures in place to identify high-risk business activities that may mean a risk of human trafficking involvement. Our suppliers are assessed on their geographic location and industry, using the Global Risk Index and US State Department of Labor Industry Risk List as a guideline, to identify potential risk areas within our supply chain. The executive management team at Biotage is responsible for monitoring performance in accordance with this code. All employees are trained in the Code of Conduct through the online Biotage Academy, our platform for internal training on policies and processes, as well as our product training for customers and staff on how to use and operate our products.

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    Social goals at Biotage

    • Increased engagement in the follow-up of engagement through the global engagement survey.
    • Focus on Health & Safety and our work environment globally and, where relevant, implementation of EHS compliant systems.
    • Develop and implement the Biotage Valuation Model and roll out the Biotage Leadership Portfolio.

    Follow-up of human rights and work conditions at our suppliers.