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    Biotage® ACT Plate Adapter

    Protect Your Samples from Cross Contamination During Evaporation

    Biotage® ACT (Anti Cross Talk) Plate Adapter is a novel solution to the phenomenon of hot spot cross contamination, or cross talk, during evaporation. Easy to incorporate into any 96-well based assay, this essential evaporation accessory can save the cost and time of sample re-runs.

    The simple but effective design prevents cross talk on evaporation, decreasing the risks of falsely elevated results. Its high specification anodized aluminum construction allows it to be reused, and it is easily cleaned between runs to prevent any potential carry over.

    Biotage ACT Plate Adapter is designed for use with square well collection plates, and is compatible with 'straight needle' 96-well plate evaporators such as the Biotage® SPE Dry 96 and SPE Dry 96 Dual Sample Concentrator Systems.

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