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    Biotage® Selekt Family Brochure

    Biotage have been the providers of choice in flash purification for many large pharma, contract research and academic institutions, with thousands of instruments installed in laboratories across the globe. If you are looking to purify your compounds, why should you select Biotage? 

    Selekt reliability and robustness

    Biotage’s instruments have a reputation for quality of design, robust performance and reliability that is second to none. For this reason, both Biotage® Selekt systems come with a five year warranty. Your work is important to you, so that is why it is important to us that your flash system performs exactly as you need, when you need it. The Selekt family are the fastest flash purification systems at any given column size on the market. Using a combination of high flow rates, high-pressure stability and high loading columns, the Selekt family delivers the pure compounds you need with speed and efficiency, so you can get on with the real work. Science.Biotage-Selekt-Enkel-Selekt-Together-Back-to-Back-Screen

    Selekt simplicity

    The touch screens of the Selekt family gives access to a powerful integrated software interface where all aspects of the purification can be controlled with just a few clicks. The software has been built with ease of use in mind to produce an intuitive interface – no need to learn complex procedures to get your work done. With up to two separate column channels allowing two different columns sizes or reverse/normal phase on the system, to four separate solvent lines, the Selekt is a versatile solution to all your flash purification requirements. No need to flush solvent lines to move from normal to reverse phase, simply switch to the second line for a no fuss transition in your chromatography. For laboratories that focus on single phase applications at smaller scale instead, Biotage®  Selekt Enkel provides optimum flow rate and pressure performance. 

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