CaptureSelect™ IgG-Fc (ms) PhyTip® Columns

    Purification of IgG in Various Species by Binding to the Fc Region

    CaptureSelect™  IgG-Fc (ms) is used for purification of IgGs in various species by binding to the Fc region of IgG antibodies. This affinity media was designed to purity IgGs from multiple species including mouse, cow, rabbit, rat, goat, horse, human and sheep. CaptureSelect™ IgG-Fc (ms) bind at a highly conserved epitope on the Fc region of the heavy chain. Unlike protein G, which under standard elution conditions is known to present challenges that result in poor yield, dissociated homodimers and denatured antibodies, this product can be used with gentle elution conditions for retained structural and functional integrity of the purified protein.

    The affinity ligands of CaptureSelect™ medias from ThermoFisher are based on a recombinant antibody fragment of only 14 kDa in size that can be adapted for highly selective binding to certain parts or antibodies and antibody fragments.

    biomark002.403 - Capture Selekt FcXL

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