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    1, 4-Dioxane in Drinking Water

    1, 4-dioxane is a compound that has become known as an emerging contaminant which may cause negative health effects in humans. Since the main source of 1,4-dioxane is currently cosmetic products, it is no surprise that it can be found in both drinking water and ground water tables.

    This application note  is compliant with the US EPA Method 522.



    Diquat and Paraquat in Drinking Water

    Diquat and paraquat are some of the most widely used and commercially available herbicides in the world. the penetration of invasive plants and increase crop yield. While these compounds have proven to be effective in herbicides, they also have been proven to be toxic to humans upon exposure.

    This application note  is compliant with the US EPA Method 549.2.



    Extraction of a Full Suite of Semivolatile Compounds from Drinking Water

    Drinking water is a significant source of environmental exposure, especially for small children. Countries around the world have put regulations in place to monitor drinking water quality for a wide range of hazardous compounds.

    Methods such as SL 392-2007 in China, the EN methods in Europe and US methods such as method 525.2 cover a large suite of analytes of concern.



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