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    Removal and Testing of Total n-Hexane Extractable Material

    Oil and grease analysis is routinely performed in many labs that also extract and analyze a variety of analyte suites using different EPA methods, so time management and flexibility are a necessity. The purpose of this application note is to optimize the solution for the removal and testing of total n-hexane extractable material (HEM).

    This application note  is compliant with the US EPA Method 1664B.



    Modern Hexane Extractable Material Analysis in Wastewater Samples

    n-Hexane-extractable material (HEM), often termed oil & grease, is a measurement used around the world to help assess water pollution due to a variety of hydrocarbons, including  dissolved aromatics, benzene, toluene, xylene and dispersed polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, aliphatics, naphthenic and fatty acids. 

    In this application note, the measurement of the extracted material is done using a balance in regulatory methods US EPA 1664, ISO 11349 and Standard Methods 5520G, providing a simple and inexpensive detection step.


    Wasterwater Testing

    In-Line Extraction and Drying Solution for Measuring Hexane Extractable Material

    The purpose of this application note is to provide an in-line extraction and drying solution for measuring hexane extractable material (HEM) from wastewater. 

    This application note  is compliant with the US EPA Method 1664B.



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