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    Blood Sample Prep for GC-MS

    If you are using GC-MS for your whole blood analyses, have you thought about updating your sample prep methods? Our application notes describe simple robust procedures - with no need for complicated sample pre-treatment - for many common drug classes:

    Cocaine and metabolites


    AN944 Screengrab

    Synthetic Cannabinoids in Whole Blood

    Synthetic cannabinoids are sold under a wide range of names such as K2, Spice, Legal Highs. They are synthesized to circumvent existing laws, and new substances  are frequently identified.  This method for extraction of and clean up of whole blood samples allows for identification of 12 novel synthetic cannabinoids by LC-MS/MS.



    Alcohol Biomarkers in Whole Blood

    This simple supported liquid extraction method for phosphatidylethanol (PEth)  in whole blood does not require complex sample pre-treatment steps, and allows for accurate quantification of 3 common PEth species. The method is fully automatable.


    Drug Research Panel

    Automated Whole Blood Extraction

    Efficient and effective solution for extraction of  panel of 49 drugs of abuse from whole blood samples. This application note describes an automated sample preparation procedure which can process 24 samples in approximately 40 mins.



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    Supported Liquid Extraction plates and columns designed to provide high analyte recoveries, and clean, protein and phospholipid free extracts. Methods are easy to develop, and automation is simple.

    BIOMARK002.173 - Vitamin test Evo Express ABN

    Excellent sample clean up while enhancing manual or automated sample preparation workflow and delivering reproducible, high sensitivity analytical results. For elution volumes as low as 20 µL.

    SPE products

    SPE columns, 96-well plates and disks: Polymeric, Non-polar, Polar, Ion exchange, Mixed-mode, Speciality media.

    PPM Manifolds
    Positive Pressure Processing

    Consistent, uniform flow of positive pressure to move both low and high viscosity liquids through plates and columns.


    Powerful, user friendly automation system for Supported Liquid Extraction (SLE), Solid Phase Extraction (SPE), Phospholipid Depletion (PLD) and Protein Precipitation (PPT) based methods, in plate or column formats.

    TurboVap® P+
    Solvent evaporation of up to 48 samples with independent control of flow in each row. Designed to streamline your workflow following sample processing on a PRESSURE+ 48 unit.

    Method development chart, tips and tricks and useful insights to optimize your sample prep.

    Eliminate carryover between samples, and reduce the risk of false positive results. 

    Smarter Sample Prep: Your workflow from manual processing to automation.

    Make your life easier. Simplify your workflow

    Automated sample preparation reduces errors, improves method robustness and frees up laboratory personnel for other tasks.

    Biotage evaporation systems are designed for fast sample evaporation and minimizing sample handling.

    Discover the full range of sample preparation products from Biotage.