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    ISOLUTE C18 columns 220-0050-Ba-1

    ISOLUTE® C18

    SPE Columns and Well Plates

    ISOLUTE® C18 is a retentive, non-polar sorbent for extraction of a range of analytes from aqueous samples using a non-polar retention mechanism.

    ISOLUTE® C18 is the most commonly used C18 sorbent for the extraction of acidic, neutral and basic compounds from aqueous sample matrices. The sorbent is not end-capped, and secondary silanol interactions can be exploited to enhance extract purity and method robustness for basic analytes.

    ISOLUTE C18 is available in a wide range of SPE columns and 96-well plate formats.

    ISOLUTE C18 is also available as loose sorbent (100 g pack).

    As an alternative, endcapped C18, with reduced secondary interaction is also available.

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