ISOLUTE FL SPE columns 712-0100-Ca


    SPE Columns

    ISOLUTE® FL (Florisil PR grade) is generally used to clean up non-polar solvent extracts containing non-polar analytes, e.g. chlorinated pesticides. Polar interferences are retained on the column, while analytes are eluted.

    Florisil is a powdered magnesia-silica gel, and can be used as an alternative to silica based polar sorbents. Florisil PR is specially processed to give consistent results when used for sample preparation purposes. It is activated for separation of chlorinated pesticides. The approximate chemical composition is MgO/3.6 SiO2/0.1 OH.

    ISOLUTE® FL is available in a wide range of SPE column formats.

    ISOLUTE® FL is also available as loose sorbent (100g pack).

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