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    ISOLUTE HCX SPE columns 902-0013-H-a


    SPE Columns and Well Plates

    ISOLUTE® HCX is a mixed-mode sorbent providing clean extracts for basic compounds from complex biological fluid samples using a dual retention mechanism.

    ISOLUTE® HCX combines non-polar (C8) and strong cation exchange retention  (SO3-) mechanisms to isolate basic analytes from complex aqueous matrices such as urine and plasma.

    Analytes are initially retained by a non-polar retention mechanism, with inorganic salts, polar interferences such as phospholipids and large molecular weight peptides and proteins passing directly through the sorbent bed.  The pH is then adjusted to allow an ion exchange retention mechanism to retain the analyte(s).  Non-polar interferences are removed using an organic solvent or organic solvent/water wash.  Analytes are then eluted in an extra clean fraction.

    ISOLUTE HCX is the most commonly used sorbent for extraction of drugs of abuse from biological fluid samples.  A number of application notes describing the extraction of common drugs of abuse classes are available.

    ISOLUTE HCX is available in a wide range of SPE columns and 96-well plate formats.

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