EVOLUTE EXPRESS ABN columns600-0003-AXG-a


    Advanced Polymeric SPE for Acidic, Basic and Neutral Analytes

    EVOLUTE® EXPRESS ABN is a modified PS-DVB polymeric SPE phase for extraction of acidic, basic and neutral analytes.  It's unique modified surface structure is water-wettable to promote robust, reliable sample preparation. A balanced combination of polar (hydrophilic) and non-polar (hydrophobic) interactions allows efficient extraction of analytes of wide ranging polarity.  Available in a variety of formats, 96-well plates and SPE columns, EVOLUTE EXPRESS ABN is versatile and easy to use for applications ranging from drugs in biological fluids to pharmaceuticals in water. 

    • High, reproducible recoveries for acidic, basic and neutral analytes
    • Eliminate proteins from biofluid extracts, and minimise ion suppression
    • Fast simple generic methodology
    • Available in EVOLUTE EXPRESS SPE columns and plates for fast Load-Wash-Elute procedures

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