Normal Phase PhyTip® Columns

    Glycan Enrichment for Oligosaccharide Mapping and Identification by Normal Phase PhyTip Columns

    Sample processing by Normal Phase PhyTip columns by dual flow chromatography leads to specific enrichment of polar compounds – for instance oligosaccharides. As such, Normal Phase PhyTip columns are the only commercially available solution for high throughput, oligosaccharide purification for applications such as oligosaccharide mapping and identification analysis of glycoproteins.

    Fluorescent dye labels are typically used to enhance detection of oligosaccharides performed by HPLC and capillary electrophoresis. Normal Phase PhyTip columns is enable automated sample dye removal before identification and quantification with high throughput and high reproducibility.

    biomark002.396 - Glycan Enrichment

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