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    Five Reasons to Selekt Biotage - Biotage® Selekt and Biotage® Sfär

    Purification is a fundamental step in drug discovery. As pioneers of automated flash purification, Biotage is your ideal partner.

    Our core philosophies of Quality, Reliability and Environmentalism are drawn from our Swedish heritage. Our smart, intuitive design comes from our knowledge of what our customers need each day. You can see why our customers have “Konfidence” with a capital “K” in our brand.

    When it comes to purification, here are five reasons to Selekt Biotage.

    1 Increased Productivity

    We know how important it is to get the job done right, the first time, so our systems and columns are built around maximizing productivity. It’s about the small touches – for example, building the Biotage®  Selekt system with two separate column lines so you can easily switch between normal and reverse phase, or reducing sample loss by being able to pause fraction collection between vials. Biotage pioneered pre-packed columns for flash and that legacy continues – our Biotage®  Sfär HC (High Capacity) columns deliver the maximum sample throughput in the market.

    2 The Greenest Columns

    You can work greener too. All Sfär columns are packed with high-capacity spherical silica to ensure you achieve more concentrated fractions, while reducing solvent and waste. Our simplified dry loading, with Biotage®  Sfär D (Duo) columns, brings improved separations and better fraction purity. They can also work at higher pressures, so you can ask yourself, do I still need preparative HPLC? Why the orange cap? Well, orange is the new green.

    3. Unbelievably Easy to Use

    The Selekt system is flexible enough for both novices and experts, and our experience supports you every step of the way. A beautiful graphical user interface presented on a large touchscreen enables even the most complex task to become simplicity itself. Intelligent features are integral to the system, such as using Quick Response (QR) codes to read columns and Radiofrequency Identification (RFID) tags to recognize racks.
    We also brought in some colors to make it more fun, so you’ll enjoy doing purifications with us!

    4 Finer Control

    When purifications are tough, you need chromatography that is fast and reliable. The Selekt system utilizes technology to simplify even the most advanced separation. You can create methods from single or multiple TLC plates, or from previous runs, and switch between column channels at the flick of a finger. What could be easier than that?

    5 And it Comes With the Reliability You Deserve

    Not only do your results have to be reliable, but your instruments do too! Selekt is built with a Swedish panache for quality and dependability; you will be able to forget the hassle of system downtime and focus on just getting the job done.

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