This concept seems simple today, but traditional nitrogen evaporators haven’t been overhauled for many years. Even in our lab we were not able to store evaporation methods…until now!


    The new TurboVap® 96 Dual allows users to program a method with a simple touchpad, designating variable gas flows, establishing a temperature ramp, and even the distance between the nozzle and the sample is customizable. In the method shown here, a gas flow ramp is used to accelerate the evaporation process. As the sample dries and gets further from the top of the well plate, increased gas flow is used to maintain a consistent rate of evaporation. Not only are these methods fully optimizable, but they may also be stored so that lab personnel can be certain the same method is applied each time, improving the consistency of results.

    Running automated methods also frees up technicians, because they don’t have to manually move the 96-well plates up as the evaporation occurs. This is a huge gain in efficiency when running a high-throughput assay. To have a system that you can simply start and rely on to shut itself off following completion of the method guarantees the samples are seeing the same conditions every time. This is extremely beneficial when users struggle to get back to shut their evaporators off manually. It is nice to see these essential evaporation steps that are common in most sample prep workflows finally benefit from the conveniences of modern technology. Some other improvements are mentioned here. Read our previous blog post, simplifying solvent evaporation for sample prep with next-generation systems.

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    Let’s face it. You have usually gone through a fair bit of work with your samples prior to the evaporation step, so don’t you want to ensure you don’t lose or damage the sample during the final steps of the process? By understanding the effects of temperature, gas flow, and sample height we can optimize these variables to our benefit to create robust and reproducible evaporation methods. With the new TurboVap® 96 Dual these experiments are easier to manage with a user-friendly interface, and customizable conditions which can be stored to ensure consistent results are obtained.

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