Biotage Introduces Advanced Peptide Purification Solution: Biotage® PeptiPEC-96


    Biotage, the Global Go-To Separations Company, announces the launch of Biotage® PeptiPEC-96. This advanced, parallel peptide purification solution provides a fast and more environmentally sustainable approach for high-throughput purification.

    Biotage® PeptiPEC, based on the PurePep® EasyClean (PEC™) technology from Gyros Protein Technologies, integrates with the Biotage® Extrahera workstation. This powerful combination allows scientists to purify 96 peptides simultaneously, achieving purification up to 75% faster and with up to 98% less solvent compared to traditional reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC).

    Parallel peptide synthesis produces crude samples faster than RP-HPLC can purify them, particularly when handling more than 24 peptides at once. Biotage® PeptiPEC-96 addresses this bottleneck, enabling more efficient screening and development with purified peptides, supporting more robust and accurate scientific results.

     Discover how Biotage® PeptiPEC-96 can enhance your peptide purification process by visiting our product page.




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