Biotage Chinese Office Celebrates Ten Years

Mar 14, 2022 2:36:11 PM / by Biotage

The recent global pandemic has illustrated that the development of smarter healthcare is a global need, as acknowledged by the U.N.’s sustainable development program. Biotage has recognized this trend by working to establish itself across multiple geographies, acknowledging that a commitment to HumanKind Unlimited is not restricted by location.

As an example of this initiative, Biotage’s Chinese office, based in Shanghai, has recently celebrated ten years of operation. Over this time, the business has grown significantly, leading to several key partnerships with large Chinese life science companies. Consequently, the Biotage team has increased in size to match this need, greatly expanding employment opportunities.

“China has been a success story for Biotage, and has become a valuable part of the Biotage story” says Biotage International President, Andreas Juhlin. “As partnerships with Chinese organizations continue to flourish, growth is on a continued upward trajectory, and Biotage tools and solutions are now making material contributions to new developments in drug discovery, analytical testing and food and environmental testing”.

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