Biotage launches the Biotage® Selekt  Enkel Flash Purification System


    Biotage has launched the new Biotage® Selekt Enkel Flash Purification System, a new member of the Selekt family of instruments. Maintaining the small footprint, powerful interface, quality and robustness of the Biotage® Selekt system, the Biotage® Selekt Enkel offers a modular design that allows the system to be modified to meet the demands of your synthesis workflow. The instrument also delivers the greener operation and lower solvent consumption engineered into the Selekt family, making Biotage® Selekt and new Biotage® Selekt Enkel, along with Biotage® Sfär columns, the solutions of choice for those wishing to obtain pure products with minimized environmental impact.

    Read more in our organic workflow product pages, and read the press release here.

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