New Automated Solution for Compound Detection



    Biotage, the Global Go-To Separations Company, announces the launch of Biotage® Selekt ELSD, an advanced evaporative light-scattering detector for compound detection. Designed for compatibility with the Biotage® Selekt family of flash chromatography systems, the detector streamlines purification work in research and drug discovery laboratories.

    Tracking down compounds lacking chromophores, such as lipids, carbohydrates, and sugars is typically a time-consuming process that often results in sample wastage. With Biotage® Selekt ELSD, scientists can swiftly detect a diverse range of compound types. It can also be combined with high-sensitivity UV for enhanced detection capabilities.

    Biotage® Selekt ELSD integrates seamlessly with Biotage® Selekt system software, offering a fully automated solution with a user-friendly interface. Its micro-liter sampling capabilities ensure high recovery rates and minimal sample consumption, while the combination of carrier solvent usage and automatic cleaning functionality minimizes clogs and failed runs. This reliability ensures continuous operation with minimal maintenance requirements.

    For further information about Biotage® Selekt ELSD and its capabilities, please visit the product page.

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