Real-time solvent and waste monitoring for flash chromatography


    Biotage launches an innovative sensor technology* that allows scientists to monitor their liquid levels in real time during flash purification. Biotage® Liquid Level Sensor, compatible with the entire Biotage® Selekt family of purification systems, makes solvent use and waste solvent management more efficient and safer. 

    Biotage® Liquid Level Sensor ensures that scientists can successfully complete their purification process without the risk of a failed run due to inadequate liquid handling. The sensor provides information on the required solvent amount prior to the run. It also pauses the process automatically and notifies the user if more solvent is required, or if the waste reservoir should be emptied. The elegant design of the tube holder ensures that air is not aspirated, or liquid spilled during a run. 

    For a true plug and play experience, Biotage® Liquid Level Sensor can be used with pre-calibrated Biotage reservoirs, alongside other reservoir sizes.

    “With the large number of Biotage® Selekt purification systems installed around the world, it is vital that we focus on enhancing these systems’ capabilities even further. Biotage® Liquid Level Sensor and the recently launched Biotage® Selekt Remote Control are great examples of how Biotage is focused on delivering a high-quality and comprehensive flash chromatography experience to scientists,” says Tomas Blomquist, CEO and President at Biotage.

    Learn more about the solution here

    *Biotage® Liquid Level Sensor is pending a patent.



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