Two Biotage® Selekt Family Connectivity Solutions Launched


    Biotage announces the launch of two new connectivity solutions for the leading Biotage® Selekt family of flash purification systems. The first is ‘Biotage® Selekt Remote Control’, allowing a system from the Selekt family to be monitored and controlled by an external device such as a laptop, tablet, or phone. The second is a ‘Biotage Selekt Monitor API’ (application programming interface) allowing multiple Selekt systems to be integrated into laboratory management packages, so that system availability, scheduling, and the measurement of parameters like solvent usage can be made. 

    Together these solutions ensure the Selekt family of systems are adaptable to any laboratory set up. For example, in many organisations multiple purification systems are placed in a chromatography laboratory, whereas users spend most of their time in separate synthesis laboratories. With these features, the availability and status of systems in the purification laboratory can be observed from anywhere within the company, for more efficient operations. These new solutions demonstrate Biotage’s commitment to digitisation and connectivity, vital in the modern drug discovery laboratory.

    Read more on the Biotage Selekt family of systems.


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