One of the most frustrating things that we here at Biotage have had to deal with when we compare PFAS methods is the lack of a common naming convention for the compounds. It seems like every scientific article and every method contains at least one compound that either uses a new name or a new abbreviation and we have to spend excess time trying to confirm that yes, we're looking at the same compound.  It's so annoying!

    So when we found out that a few of our internal experts had created their own translation matrices to help keep track of a bunch of various names they've encountered and link them back to the CAS (Chemical Abstract Service) number, we just couldn't keep this to ourselves.  Click the button below to download a handy table of information with just some of the most common PFAS compounds and the various aliases that they go by according to the methods we've researched. Download a printable version below:

    PFAS Naming Table

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