SPE Columns and Well Plates

    ISOLUTE® Multimode is a mixed-mode sorbent frequently used in 'scavenging' mode for isolation of compounds from complex mixtures.

    ISOLUTE® Multimode combines non-polar (C18), strong cation exchange (SO3-) and strong anion exchange (-NR3+) retention mechanisms.

    It is most often used in 'scavenging' mode to isolate compounds from complex matrices. In this mode, sample is applied to the SPE column, and interference components (acidic, basic and non-polar) are retained on the column, with the analyte of interest (often small, polar and neutral) passing through to be collected in a purified state. This approach is used for clean up of acrylamide from food matrices.

    ISOLUTE Multimode is available in a wide range of SPE column and plate formats.

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