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A New Guide to Effective Sample Preparation

06 December 2016

Could there be a sorbent for versatile sample preparation that doesn't need conditioning and equilibration? Actually, Biotage has developed five such sorbents in the EVOLUTE® EXPRESS family, and recently published a how-to guide with technical details and generic extraction methods for each one. 


In developing the EVOLUTE® EXPRESS SPE family, Biotage’s goal has been to improve productivity during method development, validation and routine analysis with a combination of sorbents, components and methods that can be applied to as wide a range of analytes as possible, and at the same time reduce or eliminate unwanted matrix components from the final extracts. Whether you are working in the field of bio-analysis during drug development, clinical or forensic toxicology, or with the diversity of samples in food safety and environmental applications, the tools and methods used for sample preparation have a clear impact on productivity.

EVOLUTE EXPRESS polymeric backbone

The narrow pore size of all EVOLUTE® EXPRESS sorbents eliminate proteins from the final extract by preventing them from retaining during the load step.

The EVOLUTE® EXPRESS product family is versatile, available in five sorbent chemistries. Unlike silica-based sorbents, EVOLUTE EXPRESS products are deconditioning resistant, meaning you will never experience poor analyte-sorbent interactions due to phase collapse. In addition they further benefit from Biotage’s Load-Wash-Elute protocols. Unlike traditional silica-based SPE sorbents, which cannot perform under extremely high or low pH, EVOLUTE EXPRESS products are pH resistant so you can work without limitations.

How it Works

EVOLUTE EXPRESS polymeric backboneEVOLUTE EXPRESS mixed-mode sorbents consist of a modified non-polar polystyrenedivinylbenzene polymer backbone which incorporates polar hydroxyl groups. These non-ionizable hydroxyl groups ensure that the polymer is both highly water wettable, and also able to extract a diverse range of analytes through non-polar (van der Waals) interactions. No secondary interactions exist, so EVOLUTE EXPRESS retention and elution characteristics are completely predictable and extractions on these robust sorbents are not adversely affected by drying of the sorbent bed during sample processing. 

Six Reasons to Try EVOLUTE® EXPRESS

Faster Methods

We’ve eliminated the need to condition and equilibrate with Load-Wash-Elute protocols.

Faster and Consistent Flow Rates

We use frit components that enhance flows even for viscous samples.

Faster Method Development

We’ve developed proven generic methods and optimization tips that really work.

Cleaner Extracts

EVOLUTE EXPRESS sorbents have protein exclusion built in by design.

No Phospholipids

Our wash and elution protocols reduce or eliminate matrix interferences.

Cleaner Components

We make sure EVOLUTE EXPRESS products won’t contaminate your samples.

Download the EVOLUTE® EXPRESS User Guide below

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