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Microwave Assisted Synthesis of Peptide Nucleic Acid Oligomers

07 March 2016

Peptide nucleic acid (PNA) oligomers were synthesized on a Biotage® Initiator+ Alstra™ microwave peptide synthesizer, as demonstrated in this application note from Biotage in collaboration with the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. 


Peptide nucleic acids (PNAs) are DNA mimics where the sugar phosphate backbone of DNA is replaced by a peptide backbone consisting of N-(2-aminoethyl)glycine units. The purine nucleobases (Adenine A and Guanine G) and pyrimidine nucleobases (Cytosine C and Thymine T) are attached to the backbone through methylene carbonyl linkages.

PNA oligomers have interesting properties such as their increased thermal and chemical stability and resistance to enzymatic degradation which drives their use in various molecular biology, molecular diagnostic, microarray, biosensor and antisense applications. Here we synthesized two PNA oligomers on a small scale using the Biotage® Initiator+ Alstra™ microwave peptide synthesizer. 

PNA synthesized on Biotage AlstraPNA 1 incorporates a diaminoproprionic acid (Dap) residue for the post synthetic conjugation of different oligoethers, and PNA 2 is a bisimidazole derivative. The incorporation of linkers into PNA oligomers is used to increase solubility, introduce functionality and for the conjugation of dyes such as Cy5.

Biotage® Initiator+ Alstra™ microwave peptide synthesizer is the ideal tool for the synthesis of PNAs and conjugates. With the ability to use low volumes and accurate dispensing using digital syringe pumps, makes Initiator+ Alstra perfectly suited for small scale microwave peptide and peptidomimetic synthesis, especially when the use of expensive building blocks is required such as during PNA synthesis.

Read more in the full application note below

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