Our Ethos: HumanKind Unlimited

Apr 5, 2022 11:13:07 AM / by Biotage

Biotage is pleased to share its ethos, which captures the essence of the company – HumanKind Unlimited. This reflects Biotage’s commitment to serve the future needs of society, with a focus on the ability of science to unleash the full potential of humanity.

“As a technology company working in all forms of drug discovery, analytical and environmental testing, it is both our duty and our honour to make a difference for the future. HumanKind Unlimited is our pledge to strive for that goal and an ethos guiding us as we tirelessly work, across solutions and services, to improve people’s health and wellbeing, as well as the sustainability of both Biotage’s and our customers’ operations.” says Tomas Blomquist, CEO & President of Biotage.

HumanKind Unlimited categorises Biotage as an Impact Tech company, a term coined to describe companies making use of science and technology for the good of society and the planet as a whole. By addressing societal issues and environmental concerns, Impact Tech companies hope to make the future brighter through technology.

As an Impact Tech company, Biotage is committed to harnessing science and technology to solve some of the biggest challenges facing humanity, such as healthcare, sustainability, access to clean drinking water and reduced inequalities. The Biotage ethos HumanKind Unlimited captures this goal and demonstrates Biotage’s commitment to improving lives and the planet.

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