Complex Bespoke DNA/RNA Oligonucleotides for your Diagnostic and Therapeutic Needs

    Oligonucleotides are the backbone of molecular diagnostics and the future of personalised medicine. We synthesize and deliver the best DNA/RNA oligonucleotides, aptamers and triphosphates for your precise needs.

    The use of oligonucleotides in therapeutic and diagnostic research and development is rising quickly as new solutions are sought for the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses. Cutting edge research often requires complex and oligonucleotides. The synthesis of these oligonucleotides at high purity requires a deep understanding of nucleic acid chemistry. Our experienced scientists can partner with you to design and synthesize oligonucleotides for your unique needs.


    Synthesis of High Quality Oligonucleotides

    The future of global health and human progress depends on scientific discovery through projects like yours. We’re dedicated to providing the high quality oligonucleotides and flexibility you need to make this possible.

    • Synthesis scales ranging from 0.2 µmol to 1  mmol and above
    • Unlimited modifications – from dyes and quenchers to modified bases and backbones
    • Purification using HPLC or PAGE
    • Analysis using UPLC/MS or CE
    • Lyophilised or adjusted to a specific concentration
    • Lengths of up to 200 bases, including complex modifications

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    Why choose to partner with Biotage?

    • A dedication to understanding your specific applications and requirements, and utilizing our expertise to advise on the best solutions
    • A focus on quality, customer service and a high consistency of product
    • Proven track record of synthesizing challenging oligonucleotides
    • State-of-the-art facilities for small- and large-scale synthesis, and their purification and analysis
    • Access to our dedicated oligonucleotide synthesis scientists

    Our customers include some of the world’s most important and innovative biotech companies, academic institutes, and clinical laboratories. We adapt our chemistry and processes to match your specific requirements – from small oligo batches for early-stage research, through to large-scale production suitable for inclusion in commercial biotech products. All produced in our state-of-the-art ISO9001-certfied facilities.


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    We are passionate about delivering the best possible custom nucleic acid-based products for your specific needs. Our technical experts will work with you to understand your precise application and apply our extensive knowledge of nucleic acid chemistry to deliver the optimal solution.

    Discuss your requirements with one of our technical experts today.

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