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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for the management and the organization of the Company. The members of the Board of Directors are elected at the Annual General Meeting and the Board of Directors shall be comprised of no less than five and no more than nine Directors with a maximum of four Deputy Directors. Swedish law allow for the relevant trade unions to appoint two Directors and two Deputy Directors. 

The Directors are appointed at the Annual General Meeting for a period of one year, i.e. up and until the next Annual General Meeting. Any vacancy in the Board of Directors may only be replaced through a resolution passed by the shareholders. The trade unions representing the employees at the Company may decide the term of the seat for their Board of Director representatives. The term for the employee representatives may, however, not exceed four years, but each such term may be prolonged without any limitation. 

The Annual General Meeting held on 27 April 2017 resolved to re-elect
Ove Mattsson, Thomas Eklund, Karolina Lawitz, Nils Olof Björk, Peter Ehrenheim and elect Yvonne Mårtensson as Directors of the Board of Directors. Employee representatives are Love Amcoff, Malin Albertsson (board members) and Anders Wessman, Annika Gärdlund (deputy). The Annual General Meeting appointed Ove Mattsson as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The Annual General Meeting 2017 resolved that the aggregate fee to the Board of Directors should be SEK 1 460 000, whereof SEK 460 000 shall be allocated to the Chairman of the Board of Directors and each other Director, that is not employed by the Company, shall be allocated SEK 200 000. In addition hereto, it was resolved that a fee of no more than SEK 100 000 should be reserved for the members of the Audit Committee, whereof SEK 50 000 should be allocated to the Chairman of the Audit Committee and SEK 25 000 each to the other two members of the Audit Committee. It was also resolved that a fee of no more than SEK 40 000 should be reserved for the members of the Compensation Committee, whereof SEK 20 000 should be allocated to the Chairman of the Compenstion Committee and SEK 10 000 each to the other two members of the Compensation Committee.

The work of the Board of Directors is governed by Rules of Procedure for the Board of Directors. These rules are reviewed at least once per year and then re-adopted by the Board of Directors. The Rules of Procedure for the Board of Directors is principally made up of guidelines for how the Board of Director shall carry out their duties, instructions for how to divide the responsibilities between the Board of Directors and the CEO and instructions for the Company’s financial reporting. 

Board of Directors

Ove Mattsson

Born in 1940
Ph.D. Associate professor in organic chemistry.
Chairman of the Board.
Profession: Management consultant.
Chairman of the Board of Nico AB and Nico Export AB. Director of Ecolean AB and Vironova AB. Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Science.

Thomas Eklund 

Born in 1967
MBA Stockholm School of Economics.
Profession: Independent Advisor, Consultant and Board Member.
Chairman of the Board of Global Health Partners AB, Swewet AB and Itrim AB. Director of Boule Diagnostics AB, Neoventa Medical AB, Memira AB and Rodebjer Form AB.

Nils-Olof Björk

Born in 1947
Ph. D. in Organic Chemistry with focus on solution chemistry and thermo dynamics. Studies in solid state chemistry and bio chemistry.
Profession: Management Consultant.
Chairman of the Board of Österlens Kraft AB, Österlens Kraft e.f., Airec AB, Björk Consulting AB and Nippon Sake Sweden AB

Karolina Lawitz

Born in 1956
Ph.D. in Medical Chemstry, Uppsala University.
Profession: Director, Red Glead Discovery. She has more than 28 years experience within peptide and organic synthesis with focus on heterocyclic chemistry.

Peter Ehrenheim

Born in 1955
M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. Management studies at IHM, Stockholm.
Profession: Entrepreneur.
Chairman of the Board of Biolin Scientific, Robustus Wear Components AB and Färjsundet Industri AB. Director of Meda AB, Grönsöö Säteri AB and VBN Components AB.

Yvonne Mårtensson

Yvonne Mårtensson

Born in 1953
M.Sc. Industrial Engineering and Management, Linköping University, Institute of Technology.
Profession: Consultant and Board Member.
Board member of Arcoma AB, ELOS Medtech AB, SyntheticMR AB and SwedenBio Service AB.


Love Amcoff

Born in 1974
Employee representative (Board member)
MSc Engineering Physics (Master of Science), Uppsala University
Profession: Systems Engineer
Empolyee since: 2012

Malin Albertsson

Born in 1976
Employee representative (Board member)
M.A. Linköpings universitet; Postgrad. Dip. In Translating and Conference Interpreting, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
Profession: Customer Service
Employee since: 2006



Annika Gärdlund

Born in 1966
Employee representative (deputy)
Uppsala University
Profession: Senior Accountant
Employee since: 2005

Dan Ohlson


Dan Ohlsson

Born in 1980
Employee representative (deputy)
MSc in Space Engineering, Luleå University of Technology
Profession: Senior Electronic Engineer
Employee since: 2017