Doping Control Sample Preparation

    Biotage develop sample preparation products that solve the daily challenges faced by anti-doping labs.  We understand your need to reduce matrix effects in LC-MS/MS, without compromising speed, simplicity or analyte recovery in your sample preparation.  

    With the increasing use of automation in sample preparation, we focus reliable, easily automated techniques and procedures which can maximize the use of automated extraction systems.

    Learn more about our smart sample preparation solutions and find lots of useful resources for doping applications in the sections below.


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      Supported Liquid Extraction plates and columns designed to provide high analyte recoveries, and clean, protein and phospholipid free extracts. Methods are easy to develop, and automation is simple.

      Eliminate conditioning and equilibration with EVOLUTE® EXPRESS load-wash-elute SPE. Robust, reliable SPE, giving ultra-pure extracts and high recoveries. Specifically developed for quantification by LC-MS/MS.

      Extremely efficient removal of matrix components and hydrolysis enzyme from urine and other biological fluid samples, using a simple pass through workflow.

      Bead mill homogenization for challenging matrices prior to any sample preparation and extraction. 

      Powerful, user friendly automation systems for Supported Liquid Extraction (SLE), Solid Phase Extraction (SPE), Phospholipid Depletion (PLD) and Protein Precipitation (PPT) based methods, in plate or column formats.

      Evaporation of up to 48 samples with independent control of flow in each row.