Environmental Sample Preparation

    In environmental analyses, robust methodologies delivering high extract purity are essential for accurate quantitation at low concentrations. Our sample preparation products (consumables, processing systems and evaporators) meet these demanding requirements.

    Whether you are extracting SVOCs from clean drinking water or Oil & Grease from the dirtiest of wastewater samples, our smart sample prep solutions will help you meet regulatory requirements, tailor your throughput and optimize your workflow.


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      Highlighted Application Areas

      Workflow solutions designed to meet your PFAS requirements. Instruments, consumables, and information to help laboratories meet their regulatory needs.

      The first-class option for Hexane Extractable Material. Fast flow rates with dirty samples for excellent recovery and precision.

      Sample processing manifolds: up to 10 or 20 SPE or filtration columns to be processed simultaneously under vacuum.

      Three-position disk extraction systems that automate the most common methods for drinking water, wastewater, groundwater and oil & grease.

      Automate the drying, evaporation, and concentration of organic solvent extracts prior to chromatographic analysis.

      Evaporation of up to 48 samples with independent control of flow in each row.