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Nomination Committee

Biotage appoints Nomination Committee
A Nomination Committee consisting of members appointed by the three largest shareholders or group of shareholdersand the Chairman of the Board of Directors has been formed for Biotage AB in accordance with the principles adopted by the annual general meeting held on 26 April 2018. The Nomination Committee shall, before the Annual General Meeting 2019, prepare proposal for the election of Chairman and other members of the Board of Directors, the election of Chairman of the Annual General Meeting, election of Auditors, the determination of fees and matters pertaining thereto.

The members of the Nominations Committee are:
• Ove Mattsson, Chairman of the Nomination Committee, appointed by the shareholders Ann-Charlotte Bergström, Eva Forsberg, Lena Westergren, Maria Lenman, Ove Mattsson and Susanne Wetterlin, which have agreed to collaborate by jointly exercising their voting rights in the company for the long-term management of the company.
• Marianne Flink, appointed by Swedbank Robur fonder
• Harald Høegh, appointed by Vind AS
• Thomas Eklund, Chairman of the Board of Biotage AB

Shareholders wishing to submit a proposal to the Nomination Committee may do so by sending e-mail to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Biotage AB at: Proposals should, in order to be timely assessed by the Nomination Committee, be submitted no later than seven weeks in advance of the meeting.