Clinical and Bioanalytical Sample Preparation

    Whether its vitamins, steroids & hormones or drug panels that you need to analyse, we can help you.

    Sample preparation to remove matrix components such as proteins, phospholipids and salts from your biological fluid samples can improve analyte sensitivity, method robustness and improve the quality of analytical data, as well as reducing instrument downtime.

    Discover Biotage smart sample preparation solutions and find lots of useful resources for clinical applications below.

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      Supported Liquid Extraction plates and columns designed to provide high analyte recoveries, and clean, protein and phospholipid free extracts. Methods are easy to develop, and automation is simple.

      Eliminate conditioning and equilibration with EVOLUTE® EXPRESS load-wash-elute SPE. Robust, reliable SPE, giving ultra-pure extracts and high recoveries. Specifically developed for quantification by LC-MS/MS.

      Excellent sample clean up while enhancing manual or automated sample preparation workflow and delivering reproducible, high sensitivity analytical results. For elution volumes as low as 20 µL.

      Powerful, user friendly automation systems for Supported Liquid Extraction (SLE), Solid Phase Extraction (SPE), Phospholipid Depletion (PLD) and Protein Precipitation (PPT) based methods, in plate or column formats.

      Consistent, uniform flow of positive pressure to move both low and high viscosity liquids through plates and columns.

      Designed for high throughput laboratories,  to provide efficient solvent evaporation in microplate formats.